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History of Infinity

Following in the steps of incredible trainers before her, like Jordan Biggs and Naomi Snapp, Anne Moyer founded INFINITY DOG SPORTS  to continue the momentum of offering outstanding agility training going in the Eugene community. Infinity Dog Sports was founded with the intent of building a community of people who love agility and who love their dogs even more. It has been exciting to see our community grow!  Infinity Dog Sports was founded on a principle that we would offer the training opportunities that our members most wanted, and that training would be fun for both dogs and handlers. 


In 2019, Infinity turned a corner and the INFINITY DOG SPORTS CLUB was born with the energy, wisdom, vision and hard work that came with the addition of April Bardy, Holly Krueger and Cyndy Meno as co-owners and members of the leadership team.  Since that time, the club has grown by leaps and bounds and we’ve been able to move into a larger more permanent facility, add new and improved equipment, and increase training space. We have top level instructors coming from far and wide to offer seminars to our members almost every month of the year.  The club is thriving and our community has come together time and again, proving that you all have made Infinity Dog Sports Club the best agility community the region has to offer.

Infinity Leadership Team

Puppy dibs-cropped.jpg
Chase B match Aug 2019-cropped.jpg

April Bardy, Course Design, Barn/Facility Manager

April found agility with Dibs, a six yr old Brittany. Dibsy's training buddy, Kailey, had puppies in 2018 and one Aussie pup came home with them. His name is Chase and is April's agility partner now. They are a fun-loving team. When April isn't at agility she can be found at work as a mechanical engineer, taking the dogs hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing, snow shoeing, or helping her son show beef cattle. She loves being part of the Infinity Dog team and keeping the arena and equipment in tip-top shape.

Cyndy & Usdi 2-edited.jpg

Cyndy Meno, Agility Trainer, Practice and Scheduling Manager

Cyndy has been involved in obedience dog training for over 20 years. In 2018 she made a New Year's resolution to try as many different things with her dogs as possible. That year her two dogs earned their Novice titles in Barn Hunt and Rally. Both dogs have their CGC and Usdi is also a registered therapy dog. Cyndy started agility training in January 2018 with Jordan Biggs. She has her hands full with two dogs, a fluffy Cardigan Corgi (Usdi) and a red Australian Cattle dog (Ginger). Cyndy jumped into agility with two feet and started competing in December 2018. She has competed in CPE, NADAC and AKC trials. She has added two additional dogs to her family Joey and Kora. Both dogs are Border Collies who needed to be rehomed. When she is not training, she is an EMT Instructor at Lane Community College. She is also an American Heart Association CPR instructor. She is also one of the foundation agility instructors at Infinity Dog Sports. She has a very supportive husband (Harlow) and adult daughter (Alysha). Cyndy enjoys being part of the Infinity team and helps out in any way she can.

Holly, Bea & Pip-edited_edited.jpg

Holly K. Krueger, Agility Trainer, Event Manager

Holly is a psychologist, teacher and writer who discovered agility in 2005 when her Gordon Setter needed a job. Now a full-fledged agility nerd she’s also competed with her beloved English Cocker Spaniel, MACH Nohea Beatrix Madeline May MXB MJB XF T2B and is currently competing and continuing her agility education with another English Cocker, Pippin, who is very worried but learning to be brave. In addition to finding fabulous coaches and dog professionals to come to Infinity Dog Sports she offers classes and private instruction for developing skills and building the relationship with your dog. She loves teaching and believes agility should be FUN for both dog and human. 

IMG_1865 (2).jpg

Anne Moyer, Founder and Consultant

Anne Moyer is a retired human resources director, counselor and business owner. She has been involved in dog agility in some capacity since 2010. She has worked with dogs of all sizes and personalities and has trained with top level competitors and trainers. Although she has retired from teaching agility classes and has given up major administrative oversight of Infinity, she has not left Infinity nor the agility world completely. Anne still manages the IDSC website, the new Infinity Exchange (located in the office), handles a variety of special projects and provides consultation to the group. She has a new 10-month-old English Shepherd, a rambunctious 60-pound pup named, Jack, who she is training to be a canine good citizen and a super agility competitor someday. Anne also has two retired agility dogs: Jazzy, a cattle dog mix, and Jayla, a border collie, who both now love scent work. 

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